What We Do

Based in Los Angeles, Looking is a design consultancy with a focus on creating brand identities that can be expressed across multiple dimensions. Our portfolio offers proof that a valuable brand name, distinctive typography and well-executed communications increase brand image and impact.

Our work spans three decades and diverse industries, with an emphasis on strategic thinking and collaborative dialogue that yields compelling visual assets—from a custom typeface to branded signage. Take a look.

John Clark

I began my career as an intern with Peter Walker of Sasaki Walker & Associates, which ultimately led several of us to found The GNU Group— a Bay Area studio renowned for branding and environmental design.

To deepen my undestanding of design, I moved to Switzerland to attend the Kunstgewerbeschule Basel, studying with such design greats as Armin Hofmann, Wolfgang Weingart and Kurt Hauert. From there, I found a path to the Munich Büro Rolf Muller studio. A true genius—and lead designer for the 1972 Munich Olympic Games at age 26—Rolf continues to influence my work to this day.

Upon returning to the States, I connected with Jim Cross in Los Angeles and became a Vice President of Cross Associates during the 1980’s. I then returned to Switzerland as an instructor at Art Center (Europe) and was soon appointed Department Chairman for Communication Design. While in Europe, I founded Looking in 1990.

Who We Are

John Clark
Principal, Designer

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